Press conference
Our vision
OECAI-Putting AI at the Service of Revenue Growth
Limitless opportunities to earn due to user-friendly money-making tools. Trade manually or turn to our AI-based services to have passive income.
OECAI-Earnings growth and asset security
We use modern security measures and protocols, providing the absolute anonymity of clients and restricting access for third parties to any sort of personal data.
OECAI-Keep assets stable anytime, anywhere
Manage your account via any suitable device anywhere and anytime. Do trading with your PC, smartphone or tablet.
OECAI ecology
Auto trading
Let artificial intelligence work for you! Robots make profits for you! Our AI-based solution automatically monitors prices on different exchanges and chooses the most appropriate time to create an order.
Account upgrade
Improve your orders, get more from your regular trading business, minimise website trading commissions and increase your referral revenue. Get the best chance of earning money by upgrading your account.
Generous bonus
Active users can get other benefits besides quantification every day. As long as users actively participate in the acquisition, they can obtain greater benefits.